Monday, October 23, 2006

the hunt

ok so i've never hunted. i, in fact, really hate sticking a worm on a hook and killing fish.
but i do eat meat and therefore can't pass judgement on hunters. one of the great things about our job is if you want to learn something more you can work to spend time and document it. i'll be hanging out with hunters this season for a photo page - we're either thinking running a page of sepia-toned images or possibly images from a holga i'm also carrying around - today was my intro to hunting. except for the part when i dove to the ground out of fear of being shot, it was an enlightening day (yes, i really did this) the hunters i was with were wonderful people and one of the surprising things i got from today was just being out in nature, something i usually just see from the window of my cheverolet cobalt. here's a pic from today - they were hunting a bird called the woodcock. after hunting all day, they only killed one. i was sad to see it but then came home and ate some chicken and wondered about the ethics of it all.


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