Friday, February 08, 2008

more babies

my good friend allison just had twins - here's one of the beauties.

it was great seeing her with the kids - they're lucky to have her as a mother.

all these babies are making me think maybe i should get something to take care of - like a plant, a 401K, or a small goat (they're really cute).

once i bought a chia pet (the herb kind) but it died. i didn't think you could kill one of these.

ANYWAY, congrats to allison!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Small goats, or kids as they are sometimes referred to, often do this jump - twirl combination where they jump up on all fours and twist or spin in the air once of twice before landing gracefully on all hooves. I don't think there is another living creature in the world that does this. I almost stole a kid from a traveling circus in Asheboro because of this dance. You should definitely consider getting one.

11:12 PM  

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