Tuesday, March 04, 2008

it's grand central TERMINAL

not station, as i found out last week when we went on a tour and saw the basement, that's right, the basement of the terminal. so fun to get a rare tour of the innards of the terminal and a little eerie to see the basement - ten stories below the terminal.

if you ever go to the terminal, there's an alcove off to the side when walking down the ramp to the food station below where you can face into the corner of the alcove and whisper to a friend facing the other side and you can hear each other over all the noise. i'm easily impressed, i admit, but THAT was the highlight of the trip.

here's two pics - on top and below the terminal.


Blogger photoflashchick said...

Hey Ross. Did you go to NY for an assignment? How have you been doing?

4:18 PM  

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