Friday, January 29, 2010

prayers and processions - prayer before bedtime

Another from the Prayers and Processions series:

Jacob Kendrick, 2, pounced in his padded dinosaur pajamas onto his father, Mike Kendrick, as his other son, Dylan, 3, drapes over his back. His daughter Lily, 5, laughs.

It's all under the watchful eye of a Jesus Christ poster that proclaims I Am.

It's a prelude to a nightly event – altar time – which is worship time for the Virginia Beach family. On this evening, the kids are wound up and needed to bounce out some energy before prayer.

“I think it's what holds us together, having the altar time,” said Nereida, Mike's wife. “It's important for them to know that we're there for them, and that Christ is there for them as well.”

Mike describes his family as Bible believing followers of Jesus Christ.

“The most important thing is leaving a legacy, and for them to know Jesus personally,” said Mike. “It's probably the most significant thing I'll do in my whole life.”

The poster hangs as a centerpiece of their living room. “It's important for our kids to constantly see that he is our solid rock,” said Mike. “It's like having a picture of a loved one in your office.”


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