Thursday, March 01, 2007

i'm not tan

but this girl is.

and she is heading off to spring break next week along with the other Uconn kids. she's heading to cancun where she's going to, yesh you guessed it, build a better tomorrow.

at the tanning salon everyone kept coming up to me telling me i should try to get a little tan.

i stood out like a white marshmellow in a bowl of hot cocoa.

especially while i talked to the owner - he was so dark it made me a little nervous, after all, it IS winter in new england, aren't we supposed to be pale?

or maybe i'm just lamenting those lazy days of lounging in the sun on hilton head island in 1998. man oh man, even though i'm really glad to be at the courant, some days i would give a lot to get back to the days where i just floated in the salt marshes of the island and laughed a lot with friends.


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