Tuesday, March 11, 2008

back home

so after a very unpleasant flying experience on monday i fly home and went straight to work, exhausted and even, yes, a little grumpy. went to shoot a high school dress rehearsal for an upcoming show - thought it would be like any other dress rehearsal of bad music but well-meaning high school students.

i was wrong.

as soon as this band started up, i was amazed. little did i realize just how good they were and how much they were known for their music. i was so impressed by them and found it the gem of the day getting to watch these high school kids jam it out. it brought a lot of joy to that day and i was very happy to get to witness this.

there was also a kid from their high school taking pictures - we got to talking and he leaned over to me and whispered confidently, if none of your pictures come out you can use some of mine. i thought that was awesome.

props to hall high school of west hartford.


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