Thursday, March 01, 2007

poy 2

Here are two more POY awards from good friends of mine in Kashmir

Yasin Dar won first place in magazine spot news
Rafiq Maqbool won a award of excellence in feature

Anyone who had ever seen any work I've done in Kashmir was a direct result of their help. I've learned so much about Yasin and Rafiq, as well as that region through living with them and working alongside.

And not to mention their assistance in my own safety. There was more than once they helped protect me in tense situations.

It bothers me that so many journalists have passed through and have only taken from these guys and the others in the region to advance their own careers and their own work, and yet they haven't done a lot to help them or to recognize what they are doing.

Check their work out at:

Sorry for the rant, but I'm so happy for them, and that more and more they are getting their work out there after so long. Both are brothers, and both have treated me as a brother as well.

Congrats guys.


Blogger seshu said...

Hi Ross,

Check out Tiffinbox ( when you get the chance. I just mentioned you and the two Kashmiri photogs you know there. I heard about you through Melissa Lyttle. I live just outside of Hartford. Would love to meet up sometime. Cheers!


2:08 PM  

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