Friday, March 31, 2006

one more boxing

Thursday, March 30, 2006

waiting to box

more boxing

more from today's story.

boxing story

i started a boxing story today. it's so wonderful to be shooting again and to able just to walk into a place and say, hey, what's your story? and then it goes from there.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

superman lives

remember the first superman i think it was? when those bad guys were all stuck in that glass pane together at the beginning of the movie? i saw this image and laughed and took it just for that sake, otherwise the assignment wouldn't have been nearly as interesting.


from a circus yesterday. clown behind the big top. i can't imagine doing this nine months out of the year. seeing what little i saw behind the scenes makes me feel even more for these people on the road for so long. it could be a dream to be on assignment with the circus for a year. make one hell of a book.

horse race

this pic from a horse race this weekend - both horse and jockey were ok

more bball players


here are pics from this week - this one is a high school bball player who we're featuring at the paper

it begins

so i'm back now. it's been way too long that i've been absent from the photojournalism scene. in 2005 i walked the undesireable path of unemployment. it was by all means the most difficult period of my life, one in which i felt myself slipping far away from everything i've worked so hard for over these years. but now i'm back and shooting again. it's time to right the ship that has sailed off course. this pic was the first one i've made this year that i like. alicia resting with her dog after a difficult day at work.