Thursday, November 30, 2006


ok man i think i'm still trying to get my act together after another amazing atlanta seminar. here's some of us on an elevator - i think we're at phase 3.5 at this point.

Friday, November 24, 2006

refuge 2

this is from tom and theresa's thanksgiving lunch. the cranberry sauce looked a little sketchy.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

refuge of love

this is from the story i'm working on with tom and theresa, the disabled couple. i'm following them through may of next year when they plan on marrying. i spent part of thanksgiving with them today - their assisted living facility had a tday lunch.

what an amazing day.

this was after their lunch - they got on an elevator to go back to their apartment, and theresa looked up to tom and said i love you so much. he ( is blind ) reached out his hands for her face and kissed her strongly. i felt in awe of this, so much so that when i was photographing them i said "this is beautiful" - i was so moved that it just slipped out from my mouth.

i felt very lucky today to be a photojournalist.

happy thanksgiving.

Monday, November 20, 2006

more hunting

taking a deer out after a put down. i'm getting more and more convinced that everyone who eats meat should see their food go from walking around to a # 4 combo meal so they know more about their food.

i know i'm learning a lot.

i really need to think more about this whole vegetarian thing - in fact, i'll get to it right after i finish my kielbasa. or is it keilbasa?

mmm kielbasa.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

poor kids

had to dress up like pumpkins to drum up sales. this is an old feature i forgot to put up.

i remember being this dorky, and wearing clothes that looked sort of like this. i actually wore a raisin outfit like this once to high school during the animated raisin craze in the 80's.

it's no wonder i didn't even get a woman to talk to me till i was 33.


blaze orange is really reflective, guess that's why we have to wear it out in the woods - i wonder if davie crockett wore blaze orange.

here's a pic of hunters as they walk out of the woods after sunset.

toning note because this looks so weird - this is actually close to the original raw file - there is no skin or detail in the shadows - the orange is really that reflective.

it was cool, kind of like the cartoon where everything is dark except for the floating eyeballs - uh, wait, maybe that was something i saw after a long night at the bars.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

the hunt

went hunting again today as part of the foto page i'm working on (note on toning: i think we're making all of these sepia-toned)

here's a deer that was shot and a girl who was hunting close by in the same grouping looking at the deer. i have to say it's not a pleasant sight seeing a deer gutted, but i keep thinking about the reminder of the reality of what happens to animals when we eat them. i'm still on the fence and somedays i want to run and dive into a tub full of soy products, but today i went home and had deer meat to see what it tastes like.

sort of like chicken.

Monday, November 13, 2006

old pic

i was looking through the bottom of my bag for some fries for the atlanta contest and realized for some reason this wasn't on the blog. so tell that person behind the counter to supersize me and here's a pic of a nervous bride. i actually like taco bell better, but i always wonder just what kind of meat they're REALLY using.

Friday, November 10, 2006


is the woman at right. the group from ct. worked on her home in gulfport.

carrie is a single mother, trying to get through school to become a nurse and provide a better life for her child. she still lives in a tiny fema trailer parked in the drive of this house. hopefully by this weekend the group will have made great strides in getting her closer to getting back in her home.

carrie is one of the most impressive people i have meet, so giving, so caring and compassionate. yet she showed such strength and resilience. here the group stopped to pray before beginning work on monday. carrie saw them and started praying too - the group didn't notice her doing this and i don't think carrie saw that i watched the moment unfold. it was touching.

i don't work, i just watch people work

here's a pic from the church group working on a home down in gulfport. it's fun watching people work.

better them than me - i don't think i've actually worked since that temp job in '94 when i was, yes, i really was, digging ditches.

Friday, November 03, 2006


so. went down to gulfport, mississippi - the area in which i covered katrina last year. i went to cover a ct. group who went down to help with rebuilding.

it was amazing to be back. i felt lucky to go and meet the folks i did - one of them was preacher wayne myers - here he is while holding a church service in a library of a school. his church was destroyed in the hurricane and now they are rebuilding. it was inspiring seeing this man at work - rarely do i meet someone like him. there were a number of others who were inspiring as well. many of them still fighting to get back on their feet, more than a year later.

i know it's sounds cheesy, but it's especially during trips like this that i adore being a photojournalist, and a witness.