Tuesday, January 30, 2007

just looking

around and saw cool light - there is nothing to this pic other than nice light but it distracted me and i wanted to make a picture.

for me,in some ways, just taking pictures like this are more to accentuate the day - to say to whatever higher level, being, or power, that i saw that, and appreciated it. makes me like being a photojournalist even more.

second tutoring

another shot from the tutoring - the classroom actually used available light and no shitty flourescent light, so it was nice to follow the sun to make a shot


so it's really nice to be shooting some daily assignments. i've been awol a bit in a lot of meetings, etc trying to - yes, you guessed it, build a better tomorrow. so i haven't had a lot of opps lately just shooting daily events and here's a couple from a tutoring program in hartford - here a kid struggles with the concept of a problem.

Monday, January 29, 2007

last chapel hill

i really like this picture, just shows the theme of the weekend - lots of laughs and lots of great times with friends. i'm already missing everyone - thanks again for everything if anyone down in nc is seeing this. i had a blast.

more bub's

i like how christine's smile looks a little like logan's t-shirt. again, at bub's - woohoo.

pailin and jason

hanging out at bub's - my home away from home. man, i love bub's.

tick tock

here's shawn doing his best tick tock impression. always a good time with that guy. always...

ashley is a very patient person

i can't dance - and here's a pic to prove it, but here ashley tries to help me learn. atleast it was in bub's where i feel safe and loved, which is good when you look as dumb as i do dancing.

pro bono

here's ashley doing her pro bono work in acting like she is shawn's friend at top o' hill. nothing better than drinking beer on a saturday afternoon and watching a carolina basketball game, especially with rocco.

you can't stop progress

and here's proof - four photographers with durham herald-sun in their blood come together to build a better tomorrow at linda's - watch out for that joe weiss guy, i think sooner or later he'll do well in this field.

mirko speaks

mark mirko, one of my co-workers, was a judge and a speaker this weekend. here's a pic from his speech with one of his pics shown at right. mirko is someone i look up to a lot and while it's great to work with him each day, it's really wonderful to see someone like him speak and share his life with a larger audience.

i miss chapel hill

here's me hugging chapel hill goodbye on sunday. i spent the weekend back home for the north carolina press photographer's association. it's a reminder for me just how good the people involved in this profession are, and how lucky i feel to have them as my friends. tick tock.

i do miss chapel hill a lot and thanks to everyone back home welcoming me back to the hood. here's a number of pics from the weekend.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

it's cold in new england

waiting for the bus - thank goodness i had my thermals

Monday, January 15, 2007

nyc wedding

drove into the city over the weekend to shoot this wedding - here they practice their dance in a side room before heading down to the reception.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

i wish i had an older sister

was heading home this afternoon and saw her beating up her brother. it was funny to watch. he wasn't really getting hurt.

i wish i had some of those "hulk hands" - maybe i should buy some and head to the gym to work out and see what people would say.

politicians don't take their shirt off in public

so uh... connecticut politicians doing a "polar bear" swim in a sound to protect it along with locals. guess which is the local and which are the politicians. i can't blame them though. if i took off my shirt i would blow out the highlights of everyone's cameras.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

food fun

so i'm still trying to learn how to do better food illustrations and thanks to my coworkers and giving me the time i came up with this - it's an illustration for a frozen food article.

the funny part was me staring at the frozen food section for what seemed like hours trying to get inspiration. finally someone from the grocery store got nervous and asked me if i needed help. i rubbed my head and laughed and said i had no idea what i was doing.

he then politely asked me to leave with my frozen lima beans

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

i never did this growing up

i don't know much about fencing, but i guess they do it more up north than down south. here's a pic from an assignment i was doing about fencing - obviously not the one we're running but i liked the oddity of this